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The Child Care Services You Seek

As a parent, you should always be there for your child. From every significant milestone, they complete to support them and guide them towards proper mental and emotional growth—but what if you can’t be there? That’s why we at Munoz Family Child Care are a child care agency that is ready to cater to all busy parents, single moms, or dads in Seattle, WA. We bring you a convenient and reliable experience that your child won’t be misguided. Instead, they’ll be learning a whole lot more because they will be more skilled at handling your child and exposing them to higher educational activities. What are you waiting for? If you need our help, please leave them in our care and raise the money for their future.

What Services Do We Offer?

Child Care

Child Care
If you're undergoing some treatments for any sicknesses and need someone to watch over your child, for the time being, we offer you our child care services. Leave your child in our care, and we'll reassure you that they will get the best experience.

Day Care

Day Care
Whether you're a single parent or not, yet still have a full-time job, and nobody is around to care for your child, leave them at our day care services. With our Child Day Care, every parent can focus at work while they are safe in the knowledge that their child is in good hands.

Family Care

Family Care
If you have elderly family members experiencing chronic pain or younger ones whose parents are also busy making money for their treatment, we offer our family care services. You'll only need to call us to help you, and we'll take care of the people you love.

Home Child Care

Home Child Care
We offer our IN-Home Day Care to children who find it uncomfortable to socialize with others. Other than that, if your children don't want to feel like their parents left them at the center, our team is ready to watch over them privately.

Before and After Care

Before and After Care
If you have children in kindergarten who need help with their homework, you've got nothing to worry about. We'll encourage them to participate in activities that will move them to cooperate with their peers to solve them.

Free Breakfast and Free Lunch

Free Breakfast and Free Lunch
Our company offers complimentary breakfast and lunch to children enrolled in our care. Busy working parents can focus on their careers as their children will have the proper nutrition for their bodies. Therefore, they don't need to order delivery for them while in our care.

Client’s Testimonial

Thank you for your patience with my child!

I'm a single mother, and my child has autism. She is usually a calm child but is also stubborn when you ask her to do stuff. I feel so impressed with the specialist that this service sent over to our home when I availed of their IN-Home Day Care service. Thank you so much for having patience with Trixie. I know she's sometimes hard-headed but if she is interested in the activity, she'll definitely complete it.

We Offer Affordable Day Care Services Too!

One thing that most working parents are conscious of is that they end up bringing their children to work and can’t concentrate because of the rates in day care centers. However, you won’t be facing that problem with us. Our day care services are one of the best yet affordable rates for a daycare in Seattle, WA, so if you’re worried about leaving your child with us, you don’t have to be.

How Can You Avail of Our Day Care Services?

Simple; you only need to contact us and inquire about the scope of each service offer. Next, you enroll your child to your much-preferred program. Once that’s done, depending on which program you took, our specialist or your child can be sent to our center and we’ll take care of them.

If you need help watching over your children, don’t hesitate to leave them with us at Munoz Family Child Care.

Services List

  • Child Care Services
  • Day Care Services
  • Family Care Services
  • Home Child Care Services
  • Before and After Care Services
  • Free Breakfast and Free Lunch Services

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